How to save ANSI codes from dialog command to a file

So, if you want to save ANSI code from a dialog command to a file, such as say this is the dialog command:

dialog --title "HELLO" --yesno "Are you sure?" 6 30

And you want to save it into a file with all the ANSI escape codes for printing purposes, then you could use script.

script -q -c 'dialog --title "HELLO" --yesno "Are you sure?" 6 30'

The dialog command runs interactively, so one could exit it easily. One could even track screen changes made in response to the user’s input as script also supports timestamps which would be useful. The output of the command is stored in a file called timestamp. This can be changed by specifying the filename in the command line. The file could contain start and end lines as such:

Script started on ...
Script done on ...

If one would remove those that are not necessary, they will be left with dialogs output with escape codes.